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★★★★★  | Kari P.

Wonderful music shop, good selection of vinyls and not only are the owners super sweet but their puppies are too!



★★★★★  | Audrey C.

If you need your guitar honed, repaired or just want to browse and learn, this is the best music store in San Angelo! Very family friendly, while also having expert advice from dedicated musicians.



★★★★★  | Jones Family

Excellent customer service, willing to walk our 11 year old around and answer all his questions. A family oriented music store with a wide selection of new and used instruments. I cannot tell you how enthusiastic and kind the lady who works there is.



★★★★★  | Bobby H.

I took an old family heirloom down to Greg and Alex that has been in my family since the late 50's.After much reluctance they convinced me it would be in the best of hands while repairs wer being made.And boy was I AMAZED at the end results!!!Vintage tuners wer installed..marbled pick guard..tail piece and countless hours of cleaning I'm sure!Greg was very informative of all parts and time frame and never kept me out of the loop.And Alex did an amazing job of keeping me comfortable about leaving it with them.So if anyone else has a heirloom or a piece you hold dear I HIGHLY recommend Back Beat Music for the repairs.And be sure and say hi to the watch dogs as ya walk in.



★★★★★  | Sarah F.

Need musical instruments? Community? Blues club? Fun times? This is the place. Alex and her crew are wonderful and fun. Highly recommended for anything music related!!!!!!



★★★★★  | Wrather M.

The absolute best music shop in town. A visit is worthwhile for any level of musician.
A wide vatiety of instruments and players alike, you will encounter novice to maestro and evetything in between. I love this place!



★★★★★  | John C.

It was fun. It was like been in your own home having fun with your art. The group I was working with enjoy it. Looking forward to coming back. And thank you all for allowing us to us your business to rehears. Thank you!



★★★★★  | Kristen R.

Fantastic & beautifully decorated local shop with knowledgeable and friendly staff!

Highly recommend if you're looking for a new instrument or one of your instruments needs a little TLC. (I've been there for both and was extremely impressed with the quality, price, & speed of service each time)



★★★★★  | Michael T.

Stopped in for some new guitar strings and was greeted by the most friendly folks. I was shown an awesome guitar they were currently working on and made to feel very welcome. Great place!



★★★★★  | Kelly Y.

We went in today to pick up a Ukulele for my Daughter which was a gift from her Grandpa. I was so nervous because I know nothing about them. But they make you feel right at home and answered any question we had too. It's so nice to know if we have any issues we can come back and they will help us. Wonderful business here in San Angelo.



★★★★★  | Bob S.

On a day when the music stores in town were closed, Backbeat went the extra mile and opened shop on their off day just so I could buy a set to play my gig that afternoon.

I've had work done on my Taylor 422-K by the luthier, Wayne, and he's done an incredible job. He explained to me problems and made suggestions. He's very knowledgeable in his line of work and wouldn't take my instruments anywhere else but to Backbeat to be taken care of.

I walked out one day with a beautiful 1966 custom shop Epiphone SG reissue for a price I could not say no to. Needless to say, I'm a very, very happy customer who keeps coming back.



★★★★★  | Leslie H.

This is a great shop for locals to shop, visit, jam, and listen to some wonderful local musical talent. The owners, Alex and Greg, are so helpful and accommodating, they even have a luthier on staff to help make your instruments play and sound better. Dinner shows - are great; good food, good music, good friends in the audience. All in all, a wonderful addition to Downtown San Angelo - hope all the musicians SHOP LOCAL and help support BackBeat Music.



★★★★★  | Missy L.

Oh what a fun place ! I went in with a beginner guitar not knowing how to even tune it and they taught me! Nicest people you'll ever meet . Looking forward to taking lessons after the first of the year . Thank you ! Missy Lloyd



★★★★★  | Marlee B.

Best music store in town, period. Gracious to all music artists locally or not, always willing to lend a helping hand in any sound situation no matter what if possible lol, and just the coolest place ever. Love you guys.



★★★★★  | Lynettee H.

BackBeat is an awesome place! You are always made to feel welcome. Very knowledgeable about music instruments and well-stocked. If they don't have what you need she'll find it for you!



★★★★★  | Dennis A.

Just discovered this place! They've got a great selection of instruments and accessories for every level of musicianship, from beginner to advanced. It has a laid back atmosphere, a nice stage area for practicing, and extra things you might not expect at a music store, like art and hard to find vinyl, plus the people are awesome!. If you're into music, seriously, do yourself a favor and check this place out!



★★★★★  | Sariah N.

Alex and Greg have been nothing but amazing in helping our new business acquire some great quality equipment as well as being willing to come out to one of our shows and help establish if some Items ordered would truthfully be able to do the job we needed it to do...... and they are always so gracious and happy to help. ASTOUNDING knowledge that they share freely as well as never ending customer care and dedication. I recommend them 1000000 times over!



★★★★★  | Melissa F.

Super impressed with Backbeat Music. Great place to check out musical instruments, accessories, local art, and just relax and jam. The owners are helpful and fair. You can put instruments on layaway. There's room to come rehearse with your friends and/or band mates. I bought my Martin Travelers Guitar there and I absolutely adore it. Thank you Alex and Greg for not only helping me find my first guitar but also teaching me a few chords to get me started. Backbeat Rocks!



★★★★★  | Steve N.

Great folks that know their stuff and are truly intent on helping musicians find a voice!



★★★★★  | Joe W.

The live music was super. The pasta was good. The owners are great folks. Stopped in today to make a purchase and the clerk/owner was very helpful. I have attended a few jams here and felt most welcome. BackBeat is a terrific addition to the Angelo music scene, and a plus for downtown.



★★★★★  | Alex V.

I love this place, returning to angelo the one thought in the back of my mind was ugh, "tarpley, is so robotic... I lost the one on one experience when woody left, and seemingly lost the care and knowledge of a true musicians aspect, and it seemed catered to God knows what" until I walked through the double doors of their former location on north chadbourne, back beat music company.. what can I not say about this place, without bashing the predacesor, other than the welcoming and if not obvious studio feel of their new location(Masonic lodge) and the concern and care, and the just not here to sell u regrets, but to obtain and lengthen your current go to intruments, that make you, well you. or offer you a hand me down, that has that character and developed sound that captivates you, all carefully combed through and refurbished but not theived of that tone, if anything added to. like I said from day one, I felt as if I were consulting my spirit mother and father of music, on my wrong doings, and having subtle yet impactful ways of correcting them. you want one on one, you want a family experience, back beat is where you need to be...

I'm Alex Vasquez and I approve this message.



★★★★★  | Jeska F.

I love that something like this is in San Angelo. I know that the woman that built this from the ground up has a lot of compassion for what she does and the people that are involved with this.



★★★★★  | Anthony R.

Very friendly staff and environment! Had my bass repaired fairly quickly and was even given followup information to prevent further issues.

Manager was very welcoming and excitingly infomred us of all the upcoming events.

I highly recommend stopping by to have a look or sit and listen to some amazing local artists



★★★★★  | Cheyenne C.

Great knowledgeable service. Friendly environment. Got a good stand for my guitar at a decent price.



★★★★★  | Will R.

Very cool music store.. Owners were very helpful.. If your in the area and want to visit a locally owned music store owned by great people then this is the place.. A lot of knowledge and history to be found here.



★★★★★  | Jerry B.

Best folks I've met in a long time. Thanks for taking care of my son during your Thursday night jam sessions while he was there. I'm enjoying the really nice Michael Kelly acoustic guitar I bought while visiting. Best wishes to Alex and Greg.



★★★★★  | Jimmy C.

Enjoyed Patman Birthday! Seeing friends!



★★★★★  | T. Martin

The owner of this place is so nice and so much fun to be around. I also love that she is trying to do her Art-Deco building justice by decorating with period appropriate furnishings and colors!



★★★★★  | Matt P.

Alex recently let me interview her for a college course, graciously allowing me her time. Backbeat is a great store, and a great venue to perform at and attend. Any negativity directed at this store is malarkey! Two thumbs up



★★★★★  | Jewell H.

Good efficient work. Friendly and helpful atmosphere.



★★★★★  | Johnny V.

Nice place for music and entertainment



★★★★★  | Chris M.

Very at home feel and staff is very friendly.



★★★★★  | Christopher C.

Great place, good people



★★★★★  | Kevin W.

Great guitar shop with cool owners/staff and lots of beutiful merch.



★★★★★  | Bradley D.

Greg there helped me so much called him he stayed open late and i walked out with a guitar nothing but a great experience and environment



★★★★★  | Federico M.

Excellent service, prices and wide variety of services and products. Highly recommend



★★★★★  | Kenric H.

Awsome people, amazing live bands, unique historical monument, great music lessons, owners are a big part of San Angelo music development, Alex and Greg are damn good people, have some best jam session on Thursday night, and some best local bands concerts on Saturdays, most importantly to my a big part of my mentors of learning music, hats off to em and to my instructors that are teaching me , my hobby or music carrier.



★★★★★  | Bill G.

If you haven't been you need to go!



★★★★★  | Mark Khan

Guitar came as advertised, almost new with nice setup and a gator foam case. Packed well with on time shipping. These are the kind of independent stores Reverbies should buy from. 5 stars!



★★★★★  | David C.

Local businesses in San Angelo, this is the place to come to for lessons on making customers feel welcome and valued. Very clean store and ran by a real gentleman! Hats off to you and you'll be seeing me again



★★★★★  | Cash V.

This is one of the best customer service I have ever seen, they are soooo friendly and informative, they let you try out EVERYTHING and help you! Love it 10/10



★★★★★  | JH Zantt

Very awesome instruments and people that are gladly to help you goes to extra mile very nice people



★★★★★  | Kaleb H.

Extremely cool store. Great vibe to it. People working there were super cool. Wish I was closer cause they would be my go to store.



★★★★★  | Ladonna T.

They even sponsor adoption events like this one for New Beginnings Animal Rescue